Have you heared of Color Psychology ?

Colors can play an important role in human life. Different colors have different effects on the heart and brain. The color psychology is generally based on emotional, spiritual and mental effects that colors have on individuals.

Did you notice that your surroundings might be influencing your emotions and state of mind? Do you ever notice that some locations especially irritate you? Or some of them are somehow relaxing and calming? In fact, this is due to the presence of various colors at those places and their psychological effect on the human brain. Colors are divided into two categories: Warm colors and cool colors.

Warm colors trigger feelings such as Anger and Hostility to Warmth and Comfort, while cool colors can trigger feelings of calmness and sadness. Nowadays many businesses are taking advantage of the psychological effect of colors and are using them to attract customers’ attention. For example, yellow and orange can be used to cause your tummy to snarl a bit and that is the primary reason that many food chains have these colors in their shops and logos. Green put less strain on eyes and purple color helps humans to concentrate properly and to think creatively. While blue is highly recommended for places like your bedrooms where you can relax, and this color also calms the breath and lowers the blood pressure. But always remember that particular shades may bring different meanings as well.


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